Space Fury

Space Fury 1.0

Retro neon remake of arcade classic shooter.


  • Variety of enemies
  • Retro flavored graphics
  • Simple controls


  • Very difficult

Very good

Space Fury originated in 1981 in arcade form, and Tardis Remakes have polished it up and remade it for your PC.

It's a shooter similar to Asteroids. You pilot a craft that can rotate shoot and thrust. What makes Space Fury unusual is its enemies. They appear at random, and are harmless until they join together with another. When four join together they can shoot at you. There are 20 waves of enemies, and 4 boss creatures.

Another unusual feature in Space Fury is the taunting, arrogant bosses. They come with robotic 80s style voices too, which is a nice touch. The controls are simple, and configurable. However, it's a faithful remake, and games in 1981 were hard! It requires a lot of practice and a lot of dying to get good at Space Fury!

Unfortunately you can't skip the intro, which is only a few seconds long, but it becomes annoying after a time. Otherwise, there's little to criticize. If retro games are your thing, you'll love it. If you're too young to remember this type of game, have a go and see how much harder games used to be!

Space Fury is a good twist on the Asteroids formula, and this remake is full of retro gaming charm.

Space Fury


Space Fury 1.0

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